Domain name

WARNING: Domain Name Registration False Billing Scam…

If you receive an invoice for domain name registration please check the invoice carefully…

There are currently a number of fake invoices being sent to some of our clients in relation to domain name registration.

The invoice will be requesting payment for a domain name that is very similar to your current domain name, however it’s not your domain name.

The domain may end in ‘’ instead of ‘’ or the ‘.au’ at the end may be missing. It may even be for a domain name in another country, such as ‘.cn’ for a China web address.

The scammer hopes that you don’t notice the difference and just pay the invoice.

They may also claim that another company is seeking to register the same domain name, but they are giving you the brief opportunity to secure the name first. You will be told your chance to use the domain name will end if you do not pay immediately.

If you’re at all unsure about an invoice you’ve received regarding your domain name or hosting please feel free to get in contact with me.